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What is CENDOL?

Nutrition Facts of Cendolah

The uniqueness of Cendolah is in balancing the sugar, carbohydrates and protein nullifying general taught of high fat content in cendol.

Cendol is the popular cold dessert from South East Asia particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines,

Vietnam, Southern Thailand and Singapore. It is believed that this cold dessert derives its name from a word “jendol”. The word jendol in Javanese, Indonesian and Sundanese means“bulging” or “bumping”.

Cendol, lives to up to its name in recreating the bumpy sensations that arises in the stomach when green-worm like jellies are swallowed. For many Malaysian and Indonesian consider cendol as a refreshing drink.

In Malaysia, Cendol traditionally served in small bowl of rich coconut milk and shaved ice. The dessert is sweetened using thick brown colored sugar syrup derived

Cooling #cendolah is always good on hot days ☀️ Cool and refreshing! @amandalynchen

“Cool, refreshing, and sweet — cendol is a great Asian dessert for beating the summertime heat.”